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Common AC Issues In The Summer

Published June 23, 2023

As summer rolls around, the condition of your indoor space becomes all the more pertinent. After all, you need an area to escape the heat outdoors. However, summer often reveals issues in the AC system or with maintenance habits, leaving you stuck in the heat.

Rogers Heating & Cooling technicians have collected over 25 years of AC repair, replacement, and installation knowledge. Halifax County residents call our trusted team for faulty air conditioners, and we’ve noticed a few consistent causes for their issues. In this article, we list common AC issues in South Boston, VA and how Rogers can provide reliable AC solutions.

Reasons To Call For AC Repair

As temperatures rise, homeowners turn to their air conditioners for comfort. Unfortunately, many homeowners realize a problem with their air conditioner when utilizing the system. Paying attention to common AC repair signs can help avoid a breakdown in the middle of summer. Below are warning signs you need AC repair in South Boston, VA and surrounding areas:

  • Warm or no air
  • Poor temperature control
  • Banging or clanking noises
  • Vastly increased energy bills
  • Wet spots in or around the unit
  • Foul odors from your AC system
  • Constant system shut-offs or jittering
  • Smoky smells coming from your system

While we encourage homeowners to perform maintenance tasks such as changing the air filter, we recommend leaving unknown AC problems to the professionals. If you are experiencing air conditioning issues, attempting to fix the problem yourself can make matters worse and risk your safety.

For example, air conditioners use a pressurized chemical that could cause injuries and illness without proper handling. The issue could easily involve that chemical and harm your health and safety, along with causing more damage to the system. Give a local HVAC company in South Boston, VA, such as Rogers Heating & Cooling, a call to handle all air conditioning malfunctions.

Common Causes For AC Issues

After over 25 years of providing HVAC services in Clarksville, VA, our technicians have seen it all. No matter the cause, the Rogers team is well prepared to find a solution before leaving your home. We will arrive with proper equipment, perform a thorough inspection, and find the source of the air conditioning issue. Below are common causes for AC repair in Clarksville, VA.

Dirty Air Filter

When cooling your home, the air runs through an air filter to catch harmful pollutants such as dust and pollen. Over time, debris fills up in an air filter and will need to be replaced about every three months. However, many homeowners either forget or are unsure how to replace the air filter.

A dirty air filter can increase strain on your air conditioning system by making it harder to push air through the filter pores. The air conditioner uses more energy and puts more stress on various components, which will eventually lead to an AC breakdown in South Boston, VA. Air filters are a common cause of air conditioning repair, so we suggest checking the status of your air filter before calling our professionals.

Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant is a complex chemical substance that can change form under pressure. Air conditioners use refrigerants to circulate heat out of the property. If refrigerant levels are low, it can cause various problems for an air conditioner, such as a broken compressor and frozen coils.

If the cause of your air conditioning issues is refrigerant related, it should only be handled by a certified HVAC technician in South Boston, VA. Refrigerant is a toxic substance and dangerous for nonprofessionals to handle.

Worn Fan Controls

HVAC systems use electrical connections to control the inner parts that allow them to function. However, these connections can wear down over time, leading to false starts or spotty AC service. In more detrimental cases, worn wiring can react with condensation inside the system and start to spark. If you smell a smoky scent from your AC, you should shut it off and call a technician.

Clogged Drain Line

During the cooling process, an air conditioner can also reduce the humidity of your property, collecting moisture as condensation in the system. The condensation falls into a condensate pan that drains outside.

The water often contains dirt and other debris that can clog the drain line. Without consistent cleaning, mold, mildew, and other pollutants can start to accumulate in the pipe. The clog can cause moldy smells, standing water near the unit, and water damage. A clogged drain line can result in several AC repairs in Danville, VA.

Worn Unit Components

As you use any machine or appliance, the parts begin to wear down over time and usage. Constant use can lead to loose bolts, wobbling connections, and faulty service. If you are experiencing problems with your air conditioner, it could be due to worn down components. It is likely unusual AC noises, such as banging, are due to a worn component becoming loose.

In most cases, we can replace the worn AC component and your air conditioner will continue cooling your home. Depending on the severity of wear and tear, our team may suggest AC replacement in South Boston, VA.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

The thermostat helps regulate the electrical connections controlling the fans. Once you set the thermostat, it should follow your directions and change the indoor air to the requested temperature.

If the thermostat has an issue, it could cause increased or decreased temperatures, inconsistent service, and higher electric bills. You could also have a setting on your thermostat that prevents it from being energy-efficient, such as cooling below 70 degrees when you are not home.

Why You Should Schedule AC Repair In South Boston, VA

The moment you notice a problem with your air conditioner, we encourage you to call a Rogers technician immediately. Ignoring AC repairs in Danville, VA can cause further damage to your system and raise repair costs. Additionally, scheduling air conditioning repairs can provide the following benefits:

  • Lower Utility Bills
  • Improved Air Quality
  • Fewer Future Repairs
  • Increased Energy Efficiency

We understand AC repairs in Danville, VA and surrounding areas can be costly upfront, which is why the Rogers team offers financing options. We work to make home comfort affordable and accessible in a timely fashion to ensure that the work is done on your schedule and budget.

How To Avoid AC Repairs

The majority of air conditioning problems can be avoided by scheduling regular AC maintenance in South Boston, VA. Air conditioning maintenance allows a technician to examine each component of your AC system for malfunctions such as low refrigerant. If a part starts to wear out, our team can identify it and suggest if it needs replacement. We can also find components in disrepair and give them the care needed to keep running as efficiently as possible.

Annual AC maintenance boosts the lifespan of your system, ensures its consistent functionality, and improves its energy efficiency. If you have professional eyes on your system, it becomes less likely to break down at inopportune times.

Rogers Heating & Cooling serves South Boston, VA and nearby cities with high-quality HVAC repairs, installations, and maintenance. Our person-first approach ensures you understand the process in a friendly, respectful manner that doesn’t conceal fees or costs. To get a dedicated team to work on your AC, call 434-230-0093 today.

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