Episode #10

Dinner with Dolly? Meet Jamie Lynn Lindley

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Dinner with Dolly? Meet Jamie Lynn Lindley

Guest: Jamie Lynn Lindley
Company: Rogers Heating and Cooling

Welcome to our 10th episode! Double digits! Jamie Lynn Lindley is our Office Coordinator here at Rogers and Dolly Parton Super Fan. She has a background in HR and leadership and she got married not that long ago. Jamie Lynn has always wanted to give back to her community, so she joined Rogers.

She loves all the training opportunities she is given and describes working with Rogers as “controlled chaos.”

As Office Coordinator, Jamie Lynn Lindley is in charge of the call center, the CSR’s and the dispatchers. Her goal in this role is to become the Chief People Officer of Rogers.

Her advice for all those listening? “Not knowing means you’re learning, in order to get

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