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Episode #20

George Clooney and Halifax County

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Guest: Denise Barksdale
Company: Halifax County

On episode 20 we are joined by Denise Barksdale, assistant manager for the town of Halifax. Denise is a Halifax County transplant and has been with the town of Halifax for 14 years.

She describes her job as, “fun, challenging, and never a dull moment.” Her leadership style is open to change, teaching and learning. She describes herself as easy going to get along with and always open to suggestions.

Denise describes a day in her life, talks about her current goals and shares her career advice. “Always do your best,” and “it pays to listen.”

When asked who she’d love to have dinner with, her immediate answer was George Clooney. Listen to the episode to find out why!

Last but not least, Denise is asking for volunteers for the Community Garden. Click here to get involved.

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