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Episode #40

Get to Know Superhero Sabren!

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Guest: Sabren Salti
Company: Rogers Heating and Cooling

On this episode, we are joined by Sabren Salti, the Opportunity Center Manager at Rogers!

Sabren AKA the Rogers Hype Woman found herself in the HVAC space by accident (like most of us do!).

Sabren stumbled upon HVAC while bartending in Montana. She eventually moved home to Mississippi and worked for PSP (Power-Selling Pros).

We have stolen Sabren from Mississippi and she has made South Boston her home!

Her reason for being at Rogers is for the people. She is a HUGE people person and has lots of goals for the Opportunity Center. Sabren tells Alyssa that she wants to, “enhance the team’s confidence.”

Sabren shares the importance of knowing your team and their personalities and that there will never be a customer left behind!

Her motto is, “Make those mistakes and learn from them!”

We are so glad to have Sabren on our team!

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