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Episode #39

Getting Back to the Basics of Play

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Guest: Devin Hall
Company: Building Buddies

On this episode, we are joined by Devin Hall of Building Buddies.

Devin recently was on Wheel of Fortune! So he’s a local celebrity now! Devin was born and raised in Halifax. He has 15 years experience in summer camps, which helps him with his current endeavor.  Building Buddies is a Lego building club that Devin started.

He left Halifax, but came back, noting that “the best medicine for anything is being back home.”

He loves the supportive community that the Halifax are provides.

His goals for Building Buddies is to expand to adults and families, and introduce a “Sip and Click” program.

Alyssa asks Devin what it’s like to be a role model and Devin explains that his biggest lesson he learned about starting a business is that you can’t do it yourself.

Devin’s end goal is to have Building Buddies become a franchise.

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