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Episode #26

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone with Matt Ratliff

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Guest: Matt Ratliff
Company: The Fit Club

On this episode, we are joined by Matt Ratliff from the Fit Club!

Matt trains both Alyssa and Joey and they wanted to share him with all the listeners of the show. With it being a New Year, most people’s resolutions include losing weight and/or getting into better shape. Matt shares his tips on how to achieve your 2023 goal body.

His easy tips for the new year are:

1. Consistency!

Matt shares that people fail or quit because they take on too much too soon.

2. Cut out sugar! Try and find the grilled options and lean more towards protein bars instead of candy bars!

To wrap up this episode, Matt says, “if it matters to you, you will make time.”

Interested in joining The Fit Club? Click here

P.S. Did you know that all Rogers employees are given FREE memberships to The Fit Club?

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