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Episode #16

Know Better, Do Better: Get to Know Amy Huskin

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Guest: Amy Huskin
Company: Halifax County Public School

On today’s episode we are joined by Amy Huskin, Halifax County Public School Superintendent. Amy always knew she wanted to be a teacher. 30 years later, she is still serving kids. Amy makes it known that she is always down for a challenge and was super excited to accept this new leadership role as superintendent. Amy states that she is “all about learning, observing and seeing what is working.” Her advice for those in leadership roles is to “put really good people in place and let them do their job,” and to “stop talking about it and be about it.” Amy notes that being in the teaching world is the hardest job ever, but is also the best job ever. Her life lesson to those listening is to always “stay in the truth.”  To wrap up this episode, Alyssa asks what Amy’s life motto is. Her response; “when you know better, you do better.”

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