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Episode #18

Seeing the Bigger Picture with Bruce Anderson

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Guest: Bruce Anderson
Company: Charles Anderson Lawn Care Service

On this episode, we are joined by Bruce Anderson of Charles Anderson Lawn Care Service.  Charles Anderson Lawn Care has gone from 5-6 employees to over 50! A little background on Bruce: Bruce is born and raised in South Boston, and has held a number of different jobs in several different industries. Bruce believes his patience has helped him become a good leader. Bruce describes his leadership style as micromanaging, but still seeing the bigger picture. He works 6 days a week and his goals for the company are to pay people better, hire more females (they have a great attention to detail) and try and make every place better.

Interested in working for Charles Anderson Lawn Care? Bruce says you need the following:

1.) be there 2.) be willing to learn. 3.) be a team player

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