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From Zero Interest to Rebates: A Comprehensive Guide to Financing Your HVAC Upgrade

Published June 1, 2024

Managing a household is a challenging and expensive task. From paying the mortgage to buying groceries and covering car payments, it can be tough to keep all financial aspects in balance. We understand because we face the same struggles. We also know that heating and cooling systems often break down when budgets are tight. That’s why Rogers Heating & Cooling offers convenient and flexible HVAC financing options to ease your financial burden.

One major benefit of our financing programs is that they allow you to keep your other funding sources, such as home equity lines of credit, bank accounts, and credit cards, available for other essential purchases and emergencies. This way, you can maintain financial flexibility while ensuring your home remains comfortable.

Our HVAC Financing Options

Here are some of our financing options for HVAC replacements, enabling you to install your new system now and pay over time:

GoodLeap Financing

We’ve partnered with GoodLeap to provide flexible payment plans for your HVAC project. GoodLeap conducts a soft credit check until funding and considers the highest score from all three credit bureaus to determine your eligibility. The process is quick, often taking just a few minutes to get started. This approach ensures that your credit score is not affected during the initial application.

Synchrony Financing

Synchrony offers solutions to help you manage unexpected heating or air conditioning repairs and services. With budget-friendly financing options, Synchrony helps you handle home comfort crises without straining your finances. Whether you’re replacing an old system or dealing with an unexpected repair, Synchrony has options to fit your needs.

FTL Finance

FTL Finance provides the tools necessary to complete essential remodels and repairs without breaking the bank. They ensure homeowner satisfaction by offering the resources needed for your HVAC upgrade. FTL Finance is committed to making the process as smooth and financially manageable as possible.

Optimus Financing

Optimus Financing simplifies the process of securing home improvement financing. In just three steps, the OPTIMUS platform guides you to the right application, making it easy to get the funds you need. Having served millions of customers nationwide, Optimus is ready to help you improve your home comfort.

Why Choose Rogers Heating & Cooling for Your HVAC Financing?

At Rogers Heating & Cooling, we aim to provide more than just financial solutions; we want to find the right solution for you. We understand the stress and urgency that come with HVAC system failures and strive to make the financing process as seamless as possible. Our partnerships with various financial institutions allow us to offer a range of options tailored to different financial situations.

By choosing to finance your HVAC upgrade with us, you can keep other credit sources available for emergencies or other significant expenses. Our financing options often feature competitive rates, low monthly payments, and zero-interest plans, making it easier to manage your budget while maintaining your home’s comfort.

Don’t let financial constraints prevent you from upgrading your HVAC system. Explore our financing options today and find the best solution for your needs.

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