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How Often Should I Have My Generator Serviced?

Published June 28, 2024

Getting yourself a reliable generator ensures you always have a backup plan if the power goes out. Generators are also an excellent solution if you’re someone who relies on backup appliances in case of an emergency, such as when you need your sump pump and other electronics to work for the sake of your home’s protection during bad weather.

How often should you get your generator serviced? Read on to learn more from the team at Rogers, experts on everything from oil filters to backup generators.

When Should You Get Your Generator Serviced?

If you wouldn’t go an entire year without getting your engine or air conditioner checked, then why leave your generator in the same state? No matter what model and type of generator you happen to own, all standby generators, natural gas generators, and others need regular attention to keep on performing well when you need them. 

As a minimum, get your generator serviced every 12 months to ensure proper functioning. Not even the most robust generators can go longer than 24 months between service visits.

How To Keep Your Generator Running Reliably

With annual maintenance visits, generator owners can help keep their units in top condition. Maintaining the following rules also helps:

Clean the Generator

What’s the absolute worst thing you can do to your generator? Leave it in a dark, dirty room while never checking in on it or giving it a good clean! Dirt accumulates just about anywhere, whether that is on the generator’s cooling system, air filter, or sensitive components.

If you want your generator to have the longest lifespan possible, cleaning should involve the following tasks:

  • Clean the generator with a damp cloth (on the exterior). 
  • Clean the air filter by removing it carefully and using compressed air to remove dirt. 
  • Clean the cooling system with compressed air. 
  • Clean your unit’s battery and spark plug with a wire brush (after removing them).

For your oil tank, a professional like Rogers will carefully clean the fuel tank with a damp cloth and top up the oil.

Maintain the Generator

How can you keep your machine healthy? We’ve mentioned that it’s best to get your generator serviced every year, but that depends on how you use it.

The more you use your generator, the more maintenance its interior components will need to ensure everything works when you need to use it. If you find yourself relying on your generator more often, throw in an extra maintenance appointment for peace of mind.

Observe the Generator’s Performance

One final tip for knowing when to service your generator is to watch it. Are there signs of rust or corrosion on the outside or inside? What is the generator’s oil level?

You can also look at aspects like checking the unit’s battery and ensuring nothing inside the unit is leaking or loose. If you notice anything amiss, don’t wait to schedule service.

Rogers Services All Generators

Getting your generator serviced is easy with a reliable local crew on hand. If you’re in and around South Boston, Virginia, be sure to call Rogers at (434) 230-0093 to schedule your generator service.

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