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Heat Pump Services
in Danville, VA

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Those of us who live in Southern Virginia know that this area is the complete package—a great place to raise a family or grow a business. When it comes to HVAC systems, the heat pump is the complete package.

Here’s why: Heat pumps don’t just heat your indoor space in the winter. They also keep your home cool and comfortable in the summer. A heat pump is able to heat and cool a home because it pulls heat energy from the surrounding environment and moves it elsewhere. In the summer, the heat pump pulls energy from your indoor air and sends it outside, turning your indoor living space into a cool oasis. In the winter, the heat pump pulls heat from the outdoor air and floods your home with warmth.


Heat pumps are reliable, energy efficient, economical, compact and easy to operate. Rogers has an outstanding selection of heat pumps, along with heat pump experts who will help you choose the one that is right for you. We always pay close attention to your unique needs and budget concerns.

Our superior heat pump repairs, installation, replacement and maintenance services are the best in Danville, VA. Whenever we enter your home, we will treat you and your property with the utmost respect. Our techs are skilled, experienced—and super friendly. You’ll know us as soon as we show up on your doorstep. We always wear uniforms as yet another sign of our professionalism.


We don’t believe in being pushy—ever. We’ll never try to convince you that your system needs to be replaced when a reliable, affordable heat pump repair service will do the trick. This honest approach to doing business is why customers in Halifax, Mecklenburg, Charlotte and Pittsylvania counties choose us. They know they can trust us when we say it’s time for a heat pump replacement.

Signs that you need heat pump service include:

  • Your heat pump is not cooling or heating properly.
  • Your system is making unusual noises.
  • Your heat pump is freezing up.
  • Your heat pump is not cycling on and off the way it should.
  • Your unit is not running when it should.
  • The blower on your unit isn’t working properly.
  • Our techs are familiar with all makes and models. There isn’t a heat pump we haven’t seen—and fixed. You also can rely on us for expert replacement, superior installation, affordable maintenance plans, flexible financing and money-saving coupons and rebates.

We also offer 24/7 emergency service!


Call us today at (434) 230-0093 or contact us online so that you can feel refreshed and cool throughout any heatwave. 

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