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AC Maintenance in Clarksville, VA

Clarksville is a humble town in Mecklenburg County, Virginia. Many people recognize it as one of the best places to live in the state, and since it’s on Kerr Lake, Clarkville is Virginia’s sole lakeside town. Despite its small population of fewer than 2,000 residents, this town gets lots of visitors each year, with the annual Virginia Lake Festival alone bringing in roughly 80,000 tourists each year. 

When residents and tourists need to cool off indoors, they crank up their air conditioners. Rogers Heating & Cooling gladly offers AC maintenance in Clarksville, VA, to keep those systems in great shape. As one of the area’s top-rated HVAC contractors, our family-owned and operated company knows the best ways to maintain any AC unit regardless of type, make, or model. 

The Importance of Maintaining AC Units in Clarksville

Air conditioners have an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years. Yet, without maintenance, the likelihood of any system reaching its fifteenth year without major problems is minimal. Routine maintenance involves inspecting, cleaning, and adjusting air conditioning units to maximize their output while minimizing their energy consumption. 

Summer temperatures in Clarksville can linger around 90 degrees or more for weeks, so you’ll likely run your air conditioner consistently. The more you use the system, the more wear and tear it develops. With quality AC maintenance in Clarksville, VA, from our Rogers Heating & Cooling professionals, you can help stop many major air conditioning problems before they begin. 

Quality AC Maintenance Services for Clarksville Residents

We at Rogers Heating & Cooling are proud to offer our Comfort Club programs to Clarksville residents. With this exclusive club membership, you can be sure your air conditioner will have the right care to keep running smoothly. Membership includes everything from biannual HVAC tune-ups to after-hours services with no additional fees. 

During each tune-up, our professionals will complete a comprehensive checklist to ensure we complete every task your air conditioner needs. Services include:

  • Inspecting and cleaning the air conditioning system
  • Using a garden hose to remove debris from the outdoor condenser coils
  • Evaluating the system’s electrical connections
  • Testing the unit’s compressor capacitor
  • Checking the refrigerant pressures

Benefits of Professional Air Conditioner Maintenance for Clarksville Homes

Professional air conditioner maintenance might not seem important. Yet, it offers many benefits. With the service from Rogers Heating & Cooling, you can:

  • Improve home air conditioning performance
  • Have a greater home resale value
  • Save money on repairs
  • Prevent breakdowns
  • Maximize your indoor comfort

Top Clarksville Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Though we offer AC maintenance in Clarksville, VA, you can help preserve your air conditioner’s integrity until your next appointment with us. Consider the following tips to maintain the air conditioner in your Clarksville home or business:

  • Leave at least two feet of clearance around all sides of your cooling system’s outdoor condenser unit to prevent airflow restriction
  • Change your unit’s air filter at least once every 90 days
  • Invest in a programmable thermostat to maximize your air conditioner’s energy efficiency

Choose Rogers Heating & Cooling for AC Maintenance in Clarksville

Don’t let your air conditioning system let you down when your home needs chilled air the most. With reliable AC maintenance in Clarksville, VA, from our skilled crew at Rogers Heating & Cooling, you can keep your running AC unit in stellar condition for years. We also offer comprehensive air conditioning repair, installation, and replacement services for your convenience. 

No matter your cooling system needs, our family-owned and operated company can deliver. Call (434) 230-0093 to schedule service and learn more. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Conditioner Maintenance

Despite being necessary for all air conditioners, not everyone knows what cooling system maintenance entails. Consider these frequently asked questions and their answers to learn more about the service. 

How Often Does an Air Conditioner Get Maintenance Servicing?

Air conditioners should have routine maintenance from a professional HVAC contractor at least once a year. Still, there are steps you can take throughout the year to keep your air conditioner in good condition like replacing the air filter and keeping the condenser unit free of debris. 

Is Annual Air Conditioner Maintenance in Clarksville Worth It?

AC maintenance in Clarksville, VA, is crucial for homeowners who don’t want their HVAC system to have premature breakdowns, constant repairs, or excessive energy consumption. Professional air conditioner technicians can tune up your system to improve its performance and minimize the risk of a breakdown.

What Happens If You Don’t Get Regular Maintenance?

Without routine air conditioner maintenance, your system could develop premature wear and tear. It could also consume more energy to maintain desired temperatures, which can cause overheating, poor output, and high electricity bills. 

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