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Plumbing Services for South Hill, VA

Ready to tackle your plumbing problems? Call us today for professional plumbing assistance. 

When plumbing issues arise, you deserve a talented team that will arrive quickly and fix your problem just as fast. After all, the longer your issue continues, the worse the situation can become! Thankfully, the team at Roger’s Heating & Cooling offers quality plumbing services for South Hill, VA, and we are always ready to help you overcome your plumbing malfunctions. 

Plumbing Maintenance 

After a long day playing with your family at Centennial Park or spending time in the downtown area, you deserve to come home to a house with functional plumbing. You expect your faucets to work when you turn them on and for your drains to carry away wastewater as you prep dinner and run a load of laundry. 

However, if your plumbing system starts to experience any issues, these processes will slow down significantly. Over time, minor issues will continue to get worse until serious leaks, floods, or backups occur. 

If you notice any of these issues, call Roger’s Heating & Cooling right away for trusted plumbing services for South Hill, VA: 

  • Slow drains
  • Backups in your sinks, tubs, or toilets
  • Unexpected low water pressure
  • A spike in your water bill for no reason 
  • Signs of water damage like warped walls or discoloration 

While a simple drain cleaning might solve your problem, any of these signs may indicate a worse problem happening behind the scenes. A quick call to our talented team is your solution!

Trusted Plumbing Repairs 

When it comes to plumbing repair, the faster you address an issue, the better outcome you will have. That’s because clogs and blockages can have a significant impact on your home’s plumbing, and leaks or pipe bursts become more likely. One of our trained professionals will evaluate your entire system to track down the source of the issue. Below are a few common fixes that we perform regularly. 

Drain Clearing 

Drains wash away all kinds of substances from your home, but they can build up in your pipe system over time. Hair, grease, food waste, and even household items from curious kids can get into your pipes and block the water flow. Professional drain clearing breaks up the blockage without damaging your pipes. 

Toilet Maintenance

Have you ever flushed your toilet, only to notice that it doesn’t stop running? A constantly running toilet is a sign that there’s an issue in the tank. In most cases, a worn-out flapper or a malfunctioning fill valve is the cause of your problem.

Leaky Pipes 

If one of your water pipes has a loose seal or is starting to wear down, it can leak water. The trouble with leaking pipes is that they often happen behind your walls or under your floors, making them hard to catch right away. Call us for quick plumbing services for South Hill, VA, if you notice wall discoloration, see new puddles or water spots, or hear dripping water behind your walls. 

24/7 Plumbing Assistance 

Dealing with plumbing issues is always frustrating, especially when it happens after traditional work hours. If you are holding a bucket under a leaking pipe in the middle of the night or are dealing with a serious clog over the weekend, call Roger’s Heating & Cooling. We are available 24/7 to respond to your call for help and we will fix your problem right away. 

You deserve dependable plumbing services when you need them most. Contact the team at (434) 230-0093 at Roger’s Heating & Cooling for quick plumbing assistance today! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about some of the most commonly asked plumbing questions below. 

Is a Running Toilet Bad? 

Yes, a running toilet is bad for your plumbing system. It wastes water, it can lead to leaks, and it can even cause flooding or serious backups. 

Why Is My Water Pressure Low? 

Your water pressure is low most likely due to a clog in your system or a corroded pipe. Call Roger’s Heating & Cooling right away for plumbing services for South Hill, VA. 

Will Clogs Clear on Their Own? 

Yes, clogs can sometimes clear on their own, but it’s not a guarantee. It is always best to call a plumbing professional to clear your clog safely. 

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