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We have all heard the motto that it is always better to be safe than sorry, and this is especially true when it comes to your electrical components and systems. A single blackout, even if it only lasts mere seconds, can cause a lot of damage to your delicate appliances. We have seen unfortunate cases where special electronic equipment or expensive mobile devices have had their circuitry or operational functions utterly destroyed by blackouts. Moreover, the dangerous sparks that can occur when the power turns back on could even lead to a devastating fire.


Having a whole home generator can be essential in protecting you and those you care about, as well as your precious belongings and valuables, from harm during an outage. When our electricians at Rogers provides a thorough generator installation in South Boston, you can sleep easily at night knowing that you have full protection no matter what happens.


Even though blackouts may have been fun for us as kids, telling ghost stories by the flicker of our flashlights, any adult knows that power outages can be truly catastrophic times. Whether a severe storm has caused an outage or winter blizzards have blown over a telephone pole, the subsequent, instant loss of power can destroy your electrical equipment and devices. Let our whole home generators reduce your anxiety and replace it with true peace of mind.

Some of the great benefits which come from installing a generator include:

  • Electrical power is transferred smoothly and automatically during an outage without a hitch
  • All of your essential electrical systems will continue to work safely, from your HVAC units to your laptops, your television to your coffeemaker
  • Your home or business will be securely preserved from dangerous voltage surges or current fluctuations when electricity flows again
  • Expensive devices, appliances, and equipment will not be at risk of being irrevocably damaged
  • You can keep working without losing any productivity, no matter how long the power is out


As our team installs your generator, you can be assured that the job will be accomplished in the most thorough and efficient manner. After first carefully inspecting your property and assessing your individual needs based on your locale’s size and infrastructure, we will suggest which generator system precisely matches all of these factors. Once you have decided on the perfect system that also fits into your budget, we will begin the installation, always precisely following the National Electrical Code safety standards. Then we will test that your transfer switch, which offers total security from reverse-flow power surges, is the proper size for your system and is working functionally.

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