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Sink Repair & Installation

Sink Services For Southside VA Homeowners

Sinks are a necessary part of our daily routines, whether washing dishes, food, infants, or simply cleaning your hands. Homeowners underestimate how often they utilize their sinks until they malfunction or blog. Luckily, your neighbors at Rogers Heating and Cooling can provide a wide variety of sink services such as clogged drain repair to complete sink replacement in South Boston, VA and surrounding area!

Contact Rogers Heating & Cooling as soon as you notice an issue with your sink, so we can find the cause before it grows into an expensive problem. As a family-owned business, we’ve served South Boston, VA, and the surrounding areas since 1996.

Sink Installation

With many types of sinks available on the market, each one still needs installation service from a qualified professional. Our team can install drop-in, undermount, or even corner sinks safely and efficiently. We have experience with all types of materials and know how to carefully service small spaces. The Rogers team can ensure the job is done correctly for your convenience for years to come!

Sink Replacement

If you plan to remodel or just want a different style of sink, we can help with the hassle of sink replacement in South Boston, VA!. We can remove your old sink and install a new one during the same visit. If you don’t know which type of sink will best suit your kitchen or bathroom, our team can walk you through the process of choosing the right sink for your home.

Sink Repair

Your bathroom sink could develop a clog from hair, toothpaste, and soap residue. Kitchen sinks develop clogs when fats and oils build up. Pouring in chemical clog remover might help for small clogs, but without professional sink repair, the clog will likely return.

As the clog gets worse, water will start to back up into your drain. Standing water creates the opportunity for bacteria and mold to grow, causing lasting health problems if you don’t call a plumber in South Boston, VA to evaluate the problem and treat the clog.

When you call us to treat your clogged sink, the first thing we will do is pinpoint the exact location of the clog. Our team has specialized tools to locate clogs deep within your plumbing. Once we know the location, we can identify the cause. We can remove superficial clogs during the same service call with little to no invasive measures. If we notice an underlying reason for the clog, like rusty pipes or hard water, we will discuss what measures to put in place. We can still remove the clog, but without addressing the bigger issue, your plumbing problems will only get worse. Give our expert team a call for sink repair in South Boston, VA and surrounding areas!

Reliable Sink Installation and Repair

If you try a DIY approach to sink installation, you could end up with a big repair bill if something goes wrong. You need to use your sink for all sorts of things throughout the day, from washing dishes to filling a pot with water to cook dinner.

When you need sink installation, replacement, or repair in South Boston, VA, contact Rogers Heating & Cooling! We will evaluate your problem and work quickly to repair the issue so you can resume your daily routine. We install all types of sinks safely so that you can enjoy a fully functioning kitchen or bathroom. Call 434-230-0093 to schedule service with our reliable team members.

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