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Toilet Services In South Boston, VA!

Professional Toilet Repair And Installation Services

When you need toilet installation or repair, it is important to call a reliable plumbing company in the Southside Region of VA like Rogers Heating and Cooling! Our dependable pros can handle any toilet situation, from installation and replacement to simply removing a stubborn clog.

Toilets give you clues that something is wrong long before they stop working completely. When you notice a problem, call Rogers Heating & Cooling so we can remedy the problem before it gets worse.

Signs You Need To Schedule Toilet Repair Service

A broken toilet stands out as one of the biggest inconveniences you have to deal with as a homeowner. You and your family have a tight schedule, and a non-working bathroom can ruin your whole routine.

However, you can easily look for several signs your toilet is not working as well as it should. When you know the signs, you know when to call for service to avoid a completely broken toilet. Check for the following indications that you may need toilet repair in South Boston, VA and surrounding areas.

  • The toilet doesn’t flush unless you hold down the handle the whole time.
  • It takes several minutes for the tank to refill after flushing.
  • You notice standing water on the floor near the toilet.
  • Your toilet shreds the toilet paper when you flush.
  • You hear the water tank refilling without flushing the toilet.

In these circumstances, the toilet can still function, but it has an underlying problem. A professional plumber can identify a toilet leak or potential toilet overflow problem.

If your toilet seems to clog every other day, make sure toilet paper is the only thing your household flushes. Bathroom wipes that say “flushable” on the packaging can actually cause major plumbing problems and should always go into the trash instead of the toilet.

Additional Toilet Services From Rogers Heating & Cooling

Repairing toilets is just one aspect of our service. Our team handles installation and replacement as well.

Toilet Installation

If you plan to remodel or just want to add an extra half-bathroom for your guests, you need expert toilet installation in South Boston, VA. We will help you choose the size and style of toilet that suits your needs and install it efficiently so you can use your home to the fullest extent.

Toilet Replacement

Unfortunately, no toilet will last forever. If your toilet has cracks or has just reached the end of its lifespan, we can expertly remove your old toilet and replace it with an updated model. Replacing your outdated toilet can cut back on unnecessary water use and lower your monthly bills. Give our expert team a call for toilet replacement in South Boston, VA to ensure the job is done correctly!

Reliable Plumbing Services In South Boston

When your toilets need repair or replacement, you need a plumbing contractor who can come to you for a service call within a reasonable amount of time. With over 25 years in the industry, our team members will arrive on time, complete service efficiently, and clean up before they leave. Rogers Heating & Cooling in Boston, VA, provides a free estimate for our services. Call 434-230-0093 and our team will answer all your questions.

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