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Garbage Disposals In South Boston, VA!

Expert Garbage Disposal Repair And Replacement Services!

Garbage disposals are great for the environment since your plumbing system sends leftovers to a wastewater treatment facility rather than a landfill. It also limits obnoxious odors in your home between garbage days since the remains immediately leave your space once it enters the electronically powered device within your sink drain.

Our nearly 30-year experienced team at Rogers Heating & Cooling in South Boston, VA, will explain how to care for your disposal and when to call for professional assistance from our reliable team.

How To Care For Your Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal may seem powerful enough to handle it all, but refrain from testing its limits by putting things down that you shouldn’t. For one, greasy, oily, and fatty residue sticks to the inner walls and impellers in your drain, building up and restricting water flow. If the substances harden in the pipes, hot water continuously liquefies them.

Also, keep hard items, like pits, seeds, bones, and shells, from entering the drain. Since you cannot easily cut these waste products, the dull blade-like impellers in garbage disposals won’t break them down. Instead, they’ll bounce around within disposals, creating a loud banging racket and damaging the mechanisms. Still, these aren’t all you should look out for since the following can also become problematic:

  • Long items like peels and onion layers that wrap around the blades
  • Pasty products like coffee grounds and flour
  • Products that expand with water, like bread and rice

However, sometimes things accidentally slip into the disposal. You’ll know you have an issue if clogs keep the blades from spinning or slow them down. Clogged disposals also cause foul smells as discarded food slowly decomposes below the drain. Alongside this, call us if you notice:

  • Banging, grinding, or other unusual noises when you turn the system on
  • An electrical issue that keeps the garbage disposal from powering up
  • Your garbage disposal leaking after dislodging from the sink

What To Expect From Disposal Repair or Replacement Services

Sometimes, repairing garbage disposals proves as simple as checking all electrical connections, which includes the main panel and outlet, or hitting the reset button underneath these devices. If the problems persist, we’ll examine the wiring and ensure nothing blocks the blades.

For blockages, we’ll use a drain solution and wait 20 minutes before washing it away with hot water to dislodge sticky substances. Unfortunately, not all problems end in garbage disposal repair in South Boston, VA. If your unit is ten years or older or undergoes constant garbage disposal failure, invest in a garbage disposal replacement in South Boston, VA and surrounding areas.

Decades Of Experience Shown In Every Service!

Whether you need garbage disposal repair in Danville, VA or a new garbage disposal installation, our team carries all brands, makes, and models. For a licensed and experienced technician you can trust with your garbage disposal, look no further than Rogers Heating & Cooling. We offer a free estimate with all scheduled services! Call us today.

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