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Faucet Repair In South Boston, VA

Professional Faucet Repair Services!

Whether faulty, worn, or corroded, we fix all faucet parts so you can regain at-home comfort and convenience!

You rely on your faucets to supply safe water, from brushing your teeth and showering to cooking meals and washing the dishes. Imagine the difficulty of going a day without conducting these activities, and it becomes understandably alarming when these fixtures are on the fritz. Trust our Rogers Heating & Cooling professionals, with almost 30 years of experience, to get your home’s plumbing functioning again.

When Do You Need Faucet Repair?

If water doesn’t flow freely from your faucet, you may think you forgot to pay your water bill, but if other taps are running, you have a plumbing issue. When pipes clog due to rust, heavy metals, and other sediment build ups from hard water, it bars water flow.

You’ll also notice low water pressure or no water altogether if cracked pipes release water behind walls or under floorboards. This leaves not only little water running to your fixture but also water stains, fungal growth, and the constant sound of rushing water in your pipes. Frozen pipes during winter months also restrict water flow until they thaw, but a lack of water is the least of concerns.

A more pressing matter includes a leaky faucet due to a broken or loose washer that should act as a water-tight seal. Leaks around the handle or faucet base also occur if the valve seat corrodes or the O-rings deteriorate. These issues raise water bills and cause further plumbing issues if you don’t treat them immediately.

What Do Repair Services Entail?

After calling our professionals for assistance, we’ll examine your faucets to determine the appropriate action. For instance, while using a hair dryer or hot water on a frozen pipe is enough to thaw it, we’ll seal leaks and insulate the system for future protection. If that’s not the concern, we’ll change a faulty O-ring, unclog the aerator, and fix a stiff or broken handle restricting water.
Our team will also:

  • Use minimally invasive techniques to resurface and seal, cure, or replace split or busted piping
  • Empty sediments out of the hot water tank that would otherwise only leave you with cold water
  • Replace a worn washer or valve seat that causes drips and leaks

When Do You Need A Faucet Replacement?

Unfortunately, faucets are not always repairable, especially if they reach the end of their 15-year lifespan. As the material ages, the fixtures weaken from heavy use, especially if yours comprises iron or other easily corroding materials. Without regular cleanings, your fixtures irreversibly deteriorate faster, requiring a premature faucet replacement in South Boston, VA.

A Rogers professional will also suggest a faucet replacement if you require constant repairs or if certain problems like stiff handles and little aeration become irreparable.

Our family-owned and operated Rogers Heating & Cooling believes in more than just getting the job done. Instead, we focus on getting it done right the first time while building lasting relationships with our neighbors. When you need faucet repair in South Boston, VA or surrounding areas, call (434) 230-0093 for a free estimate!

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