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Pump Services In South Boston, VA

Our Sump and Water Pump Services

Understand the vital components of your plumbing system – from water pumps to sump pumps, our plumbers specialize in a variety of home services for South Boston, VA, and surrounding areas. At Rogers Heating and Cooling, we recognize the urgency when it comes to sump pump maintenance and repairs.

Whether you require a meticulous inspection, maintenance recommendations for prolonged functionality, a much-needed upgrade, or find yourself in a stressful plumbing emergency, we’re well-equipped for any situation. Our dedicated team comprehensively understands plumbing systems, providing you with the right information to make prompt decisions. No matter the size of the plumbing issue, count on the Rogers Heating and Cooling experts for reliable and efficient services.

Pump Repair

Broken or malfunctioning sump pumps can’t do their job correctly. Fortunately, our responsive repair services quickly get to the root of the problem and resolve it promptly. We carry everything we need in our company vehicles.

Pump Replacement

Eventually, you’ll need a pump replacement to protect your home, but we’ll recommend budget-friendly options from the best manufacturers. Replacing your pumps in South Boston, VA can provide various benefits for you and your home, so give our team a call today for a pump upgrade!

Pump Inspections

Much like anything else to do with your plumbing, it is important pumps receive proper maintenance and care. Checking pumps occasionally keeps them in top shape and catches problems before they worsen. Avoid disruptions to your water supply by scheduling pump maintenance in South Boston, VA with a Rogers professional!

Signs You Need Sump Pump Repair

Sump pumps can often show signs it is in need of repair, and it is important for homeowners to pay attention to these signs to avoid discomfort or damage. Below are common signals you need sump pump repair in South Boston, VA.

  • The pump motor can’t handle the water volume: If the water is too much for your pump, it may require repairs or a new system.
  • Your pump’s position has shifted: The arm stops working correctly if your pump is off-center, but our technicians will restore it to the appropriate position in no time.
  • You have a clog in the discharge pipe: We can carefully remove the blockage without damaging the equipment and verify your system operates smoothly.
  • The pump is 10+ years old: Most pumps need a replacement after the ten-year mark, but lifespans can vary. It’s worth having a professional check yours as it starts to near this milestone.

Sump Pumps vs. Water Pumps

While water and sump pumps may seem similar, some confusion surrounds what they do. Knowing which one you have and how it helps your home is always helpful. In short, sump pumps take water away from a home, whereas a water pump does the opposite.

Some sump pumps have a backup battery source to give you peace of mind in the event of a power outage, so we always recommend this option. Well water pumps use mechanical movement or electricity to send water from a well to your home via a pipe system.

Contact Us For A Free Estimate

Rogers Heating & Cooling is the five-star company you need for pump, plumbing, and HVAC services in and around South Boston, VA. From well water pump repair to sump pump replacements, we have your back. Our friendly staff is standing by and waiting for your inquiry. Call our team for a fast and affordable estimate at (434) 230-0093 today!

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