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Leak Detection In South Boston, VA!

Expert Leak Detection Services

Beyond a dripping faucet, concealed leaks behind walls jeopardize your home’s structure. Explore common causes and signs for leaks, and request a detection service to safeguard your home against issues that may cause you to be overwhelmed and stressed about your home’s conditions. The Rogers Heating & Cooling team provides leak detection in South Boston, VA, and surrounding areas to ease your nerves and fortify your haven.

What Causes A Leak?

Plumbing systems do not last forever, and if yours is reaching the end of the average 40-to-70-year lifespan, depending on its material makeup, the system will weaken. As this happens, pinhole leaks and seam detachments occur, allowing the pipe water to seep into the spaces between rooms and floors.

Unfortunately, this lifespan decreases without regular maintenance once every two years since minor issues go unnoticed and promote larger concerns. Other causes for leaks include the following:

  • Burrowing critters and tree roots that enter underground plumbing
  • Clogged water lines creating force on pipe walls
  • Water pressures above 60 psi
  • Corrosion from hard water

What Are Signs You Have A Leak?

If leaks occur behind your walls, floors, or ceilings, the surfaces absorb the leaking water, leading to water stains. Unless you remedy the leak immediately, the stains remain moist with the constant influx of water, enlarging the afflicted area and promoting mold and mildew growth harmful to human health. Depending on the size of the leak, your surfaces may begin leaking water, creating indoor pooling.

With more obvious leaks, wall or ceiling paint peels or cracks, wood floors warp, ceilings sag, and slab leaks occur in your basement. However, if the leaking pipe isn’t close enough to any surfaces to cause indoor water damage, other signs may encourage you to call for leak detection, such as the following:

  • Low water pressure
  • Rusting pipes
  • A fungal or sewer odor
  • The sound of rushing water
  • Unusual noises in your plumbing
  • High water bills

Why Is Leak Detection Important, And How Does It Work?

Water leak detection in South Boston, VA and surrounding areas is vital for keeping your home’s wooden structure from rotting. It also keeps your rooms aesthetically pleasing for higher property value and your family from the respiratory illnesses that come with fungal growth.

During a leak inspection, our licensed and contracted professionals uses the following methods to uncover a leak’s location. That way, we can remedy your pipes in a minimally invasive manner:

  • With acoustic detection, we use a microphone to find where the leak is the loudest.
  • Pressure and flow monitoring measure water flow to pinpoint the locations of pressure changes.
  • Balancing methods allow us to walk around your home and check for leaks and other household water changes.

Trust Rogers With Plumbing Services In South Boston, VA!

Whether you need pipeline tests to check your system’s integrity or leak detection to remedy your home, we’re your trusted, local plumbing company in South Boston, VA!. As your neighbors, we understand water quality and other factors that affect piping in our area, and with almost 30 years of experience, we’ve seen it all. Call Rogers Heating & Cooling in South Boston, VA, and surrounding areas at (434) 230-0093 for a free estimate today!

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