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AC Repair in Reidsville, NC.

Discover Why Reidsville Residents Choose Rogers Heating & Cooling To Fix Their HVAC Systems

As a Reidsville resident, you enjoy the eccentric vibes of this unique town. Perhaps you regularly socialize over a cup of coffee at Eclectic Visions Art Co. Or, you might prefer meditating on the week’s events with a glass of wine and a vegetarian meal at The Celtic Fringe.

No matter where you derive your simple, routine pleasures, you rely on a working HVAC system to supply comfort. Local temperatures reach the mid to high 80s at the peak of the summer season. Humidity levels climb to uncomfortable heights, resulting in thick and sticky conditions.

These soaring temperatures make dependable cooling systems essential to functioning commercial and residential properties. At Rogers Heating & Cooling, our technicians provide HVAC services that keep you comfortable.

Air Conditioning Repair for All Types of HVAC Systems in Reidsville, North Carolina

The Rogers Heating & Cooling team works with all kinds of heating and cooling systems. Our extensive services include the following:

  • Heat pump installation, tune-up, and repair
  • Cooling system installation, tune-up, and repair
  • Heating system installation, tune-up, and repair
  • Plumbing services
  • Electrical services
  • Inspections to ensure the safety and longevity of your home’s HVAC system and other crucial networks

Going without professional HVAC service is always a gamble. Call Rogers Heating & Cooling at (434) 230-0093 for a sure chance at consistent comfort and indoor health in Reidsville and Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and surrounding neighborhoods.

Decoding the Warnings of Your Air Conditioning System

An HVAC system typically tells you when to make a service call. Unfortunately, many property owners fail to recognize these signals and what they mean. That’s where our HVAC contractors come in.

We can translate the language of heating and air conditioning units into signals you understand:

  • Steep energy bills: The energy efficiency of your HVAC unit dictates your monthly utility bills. A struggling air conditioner won’t produce cold air as effectively as its parts work overtime to complete cycles, leading to higher monthly bills.
  • Humid, stagnant air circulation: Summer air in North Carolina is already moist, thick, and hot. HVAC units that work as expected produce cool, dry air. However, issues like refrigerant leaks can make a heat pump or air conditioning system emit damp, lukewarm air instead.
  • Abnormal cycles: Short or long cycles are among the most common signs that you need AC repair in Reidsville, NC. Healthy, energy-efficient cycles last 10 to 20 minutes, blowing cool, refreshing air into your home. However, cycles that start and stop in short bursts or go on indefinitely mean a stressed unit.
  • Lack of regular maintenance: Annual maintenance is the best service you can provide for your HVAC system. Otherwise, minor issues that you might easily miss could turn into major complications down the line.
  • Disruptive noises: If you work from home or put small children down for scheduled naps and bedtimes, you’ll quickly notice any odd noises that disrupt your routines. These obnoxious sounds could mean a part has come loose or incurred damage.
  • Mechanical sounds with no cool air circulation: Sometimes, the system sounds perfectly normal. But the absence of a cool, refreshing air stream brings hidden problems to light.
  • Constant repair services: A couple of HVAC repair calls aren’t a big deal. However, numerous calls a year typically point to the need for a new system.

No matter what strange noises or smells your heating or cooling system produces, you can count on superior service from the courteous technicians at Rogers Heating & Cooling.

What To Expect From an HVAC System Repair Service in Reidsville, NC

A good HVAC company always puts your needs first. By choosing us before other HVAC companies, you get the following:

  • Services that don’t break the bank: We keep our prices affordable across the board. Plus, you can always check for discounts or ask about financing options.
  • Emergency services: Regardless of the time of day or night, you can request assistance when you most need it.
  • A company with a high Better Business Bureau ranking: Customers love us, and our reviews reflect their loyalty!

Need an HVAC System Installed or Repaired? Call Rogers Heating & Cooling in Reidsville, NC

Heat pumps, cooling and heating systems, and furnaces — you name it, we repair it. We offer memberships and special offers to help you save money on essential services. Plus, our services aren’t limited to HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance. We also assist with electrical and plumbing systems, making us one of the most versatile HVAC companies in the area.

Call Rogers Heating & Cooling at (434) 230-0093 for AC repair in Reidsville, NC.

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