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Episode #14

Meet Young Entrepreneur Frankie Martinez

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Guest: Frankie Martinez
Company: Frankie’s Spicy Farm
On this episode of the Rogers Radio Podcast we are joined by 9 year-old Frankie Martinez. Frankie is an up and coming business man. He started Frankie’s Spicy Farm by accident.
Frankie suffers from seizures and while in the hospital he ordered some fries and ketchup. His dad forgot the ketchup and gave him hot sauce instead! He ended up loving it and wanted to make his own version; and that was the catalyst for Frankie’s Spicy Farm!
Frankie and his mom make the hot sauce out of their kitchen and sell it at their local Farmers Market. His advice for people getting started in business is “once you start, try to keep going, you’ll eventually be successful.”
Rogers is happy to promote and propel young entrepreneurs and is writing Frankie a check for $250!
If you’re interested in purchasing Frankie’s hot sauce, you can visit his facebook page! (He even ships!)

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